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Teaching Philosophy

Prospectus offers schools the opportunity to be both creative and thematic in its delivery. Designed to fulfil all of the statutory requirements of the new curriculum, there are 33 ‘themes’ available for schools to ‘pick and choose’ from – providing schools with the freedom to personalise and design the curriculum to meet the needs of their children and locality.

Each year group can choose from six different themes focused mainly around a key area of history or geography but including meaningful links to all foundation subjects. Themes such as ‘Meet the Flintstones (Year 3), provides an exciting and engaging context for covering the statutory chronological elements of the new curriculum, whilst themes such as ‘The Great War’ (Whole School Theme), and ‘Wonder Women’ (Year 2) provide opportunities for the learning to be tailored and adapted to reflect the history and traditions of the school and its community. Geography is well represented through units such as ‘Extreme Survival’ (Year 3), ‘The World’s Kitchen’ (Year 4), ‘Poles Apart’ (Year 1) and ‘Disaster’ (Year 6); whilst the theme ‘Get out of my Swamp’ (Year 1) provides an innovative and exciting context for the study of fairy tales.

The development of English, Maths and Science skills across a range of subjects is at the heart of the new curriculum.  Although English, maths and science can still be taught discretely, Prospectus encourages and provides rich opportunities for cross-curricular writing, scientific exploration and applied numeracy skills. Resources such as the maths and English ‘Quests’ provide clear, meaningful links between these core areas of learning and the topic theme – enabling schools to contextualise learning in these key areas whilst the ‘Skills Routeways’ help schools plan for progression and provide age appropriate guidance from Year 1 to Year 6.

Prospects recognise the importance of getting back to basics and letting teachers do what they do best – teach! So, unlike the majority of published curriculum material available on the market, Prospectus provides schools with long, medium and short term planning in the form of theme overviews, session planners and individual lesson plans, enabling teachers to spend their time focusing on personalising the learning for their own children.

Case Studies

"You can always rely on Prospects for quality and this new curriculum resource is ‘first class’. It is an amazing resource to be used across the school from Years 1-6"

Deanery CE Primary School (Academy Status), Birmingham

2014 Primary Curriculum

2014 Primary Curriculum